Measuring Heat Distribution

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WithThermoscale, metricTEMPandPressure Metrics

  • We have three product lines of temperature films to measure surface temperature:

    Fujifilm Thermoscale 100C measures temperatures from 80°-105°C (175°-225°F)

    Pressure Metrics metricTEMP measures temperatures from 90°-149° 200°-300°F

  • Thermoscale

    Thermoscale is a temperature-sensing device – a thin and flexible film that quickly measures heat and heat fluctuation. This makes it ideal for measuring areas where other heat transducer methods cannot be used. You can also use these for heat seals and any areas where the surface will be in motion.

  • Heat Distribution Records

    • Thermoscale 100C and 200C products produce vibrant, full-color records of the surface heat distribution
    • MetricTEMP provides an economical and easy-to-read greyscale record of only heat distribution with no temperature calibration.
  • Temperature Calibration

    • Thermoscale 100C and 200C provide the calibrated temperature. A free calibration sheet is included
    • MetricTemp doesn’t provide any temperature calibration
  • Packing Availability

    • Thermoscale 100C and 200C are sold as rolls.
    • MetricTEMP comes in sheet packs (50 of the smaller sheets or 25 of the larger sheets).

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