Nip Impressions

Picture The Pressure® Of Your Nip Impression

With Prescale and Pressure Metrics

Fujifilm Prescale lets you Picture the Pressure® by helping you select, use, and analyze results from film used in nip impressions.

A nip is the pressure between two rollers that are forced together. A nip impression is a measure of the uniformity of that pressure. The pressure profile is sometimes referred to as a footprint. It can be measured in many ways. The simplest is to make sure that there is pressure everywhere across the width. A good approach is to measure the width of the footprint. If the width is uneven, the pressure profile must also be uneven. However, measuring nip widths accurately can be difficult if the width is narrow. Also, as we will see, nip width variations are not a very sensitive measure of nip uniformity. 

The very best measure of the nip is to measure the pressure profile directly. Both nip widths and nip pressures can be measured with paper thin products often referred to as nip impression paper, even though some are these products are made of plastic rather than paper.

Nip impression paper behaves like carbon or carbonless paper which turns color when a sufficient pressure has been applied such as by typing or writing with a pen. Nip impression paper is an indispensable tool for machine PM or process troubleshooting. Fujifilm Prescale is a perfect tool for measuring nip impressions.

Prescale is a quick and easy way to check distribution or uniformity of contact pressure. Simply place the pressure indicating film between two mating or contacting surfaces and apply pressure as normally required. The film instantly changes color. The variation in the red color density can be compared with a color chart to determine the pressure. In addition, the color will give an immediate footprint of the area. Any imperfections or variations along the contact area can be spotted with a quick check. There are eight ranges from 1 psi to 43,200 psi, and digital analysis is also available.

We will gladly slit your film into thirds at no additional charge. This will give you three rolls of 3.5″ wide film, more suitable for nip impression readings.

Try a free test kit to evaluate Prescale in your surface pressure application.

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