UV Light Measurement

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  • UV Light Measurement Equipment

    UVSCALE is a thin light sensitive film from Fujifilm that records UV light amount distribution by changing color. By determining the amount of light distribution along a given surface, this thin and flexible film can be used in places where a radiometer cannot. It is the ideal UV light measurement tool in cases such as a moving line: whether it is a label machine, or curing inks. A color chart is included to instantly gauge the amount of light distribution and to get an approximate measure. Digital analysis is also available for a more precise measurement. Measure UV light using UVSCALE for precise results

  • UVSCALE is useful for UV light quality control and engineering in many industrial applications:

    Disk drives: Hard disk resin adhesion

    Food: UV sterilization

    Printing: Hardening of UV inks

    Manufacturing: Hardening of coating resins

    LCD: LCD touch panel attachment

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