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FPD-8010E Digital Pressure Mapping System, Premium

FPD-8010E Digital Pressure Mapping System, Premium

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Fujifilm FPD-8010E Premium Digital Pressure Mapping System



Manufacturer Fujifilm 
Manufacturer Part Number FPD-8010E
Sold By Digital Analysis System
Includes PREMIUM DELIVERY: Scanner, dedicated scanner cover, software, calibration sheet, all cables, professional installation by our engineer, and 4 hours of on-site training at your facility.


Picture The Pressure® Precisely with the Fujifilm FPD-8010E digital pressure mapping system.

Typically, pressure indicating films are analyzed visually using a color correlation chart.  When visual Prescale analysis is not enough, or more exact numbers are needed, FPD-8010E analyzes, presents, and reports pressure mapping with more detail and digital precision. Fujifilm's thoughtful combination of expertly matched hardware and software digitizes the Prescale film and outputs digital pressure distribution, pressure enlargements, cross-sectional distributions, pinpoint pressures, and a 3-D image display. FPD-8010E highlights even the most subtle differences in adjacent recorded pressures, so it can streamline your new product development, or improve current product yields.

The Premium FPD-8010E system includes:

  • Fujifilm FPD-8010E software
  • Perfectly matched scanner
  • Specialized scanner cover
  • Calibration sheet
  • Hand-delivery to your site
  • Professional Installation
  • 4 hours of face-to-face training and pressure troubleshooting at your site by our engineer
  • All travel expenses are included -- there is no additional cost to you
  • Ongoing discounts on Fujifilm Prescale products from Pressure Metrics

Competing off-brand products don't have eighty years of Fujifilm quality behind them, and are priced thousands higher.  The FPD-8010E system is brand-name quality from Fujifilm, and backed by Fujifilm and Pressure Metrics, an authorized Fujifilm distributor.

This is how Pressure Metrics helps you Picture The Pressure® Precisely.


The Fujifilm FDP-8010E software uses pseudo-color algorithms to highlight subtle changes in adjacent pressures, making contact voids and excess force areas very obvious.  Call for a free demo if you would like to know more.

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