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Free Trial of FPD-8010E Pressure Analysis Software

Free Trial of FPD-8010E Pressure Analysis Software

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Try FPD-8010E pressure analysis with this downloadable software. FREE!


Picture The Pressure® Precisely with the Fujifilm FPD-8010E digital pressure mapping system.

Typically, pressure indicating films are analyzed visually using a color correlation chart.  When visual Prescale analysis is not enough, or more exact numbers are needed, FPD-8010E analyzes, presents, and reports pressure mapping with more detail and digital precision. Fujifilm’s thoughtful combination of expertly matched hardware and software digitizes the Prescale film and outputs digital pressure distribution, pressure enlargements, cross-sectional distributions, pinpoint pressures, and a 3-D image display. FPD-8010E highlights even the subtlest differences in adjacent recorded pressures, so it can streamline your new product development, or improve current product yields.


When you purchase this item and checkout (there will be no charge), you will immediately be emailed a download link to access your software. There is no time limit on the software, and the analysis functions are fully featured.  The software is just like the real copy sold, however you will not be permitted to scan any new pressure images.  Several sample scans are included for you to analyze and experiment, including a tire, a gasket, a flange, and more.


Both the trial and full versions of the software are compatible with computers running Windows XP, 7, 8, and 10.  We use it ourselves internally on Apple Macbooks running macOS 10.X and Parallels (or VirtualBox). The trial software does not require a scanner, as it only permits you to analyze the included images.  If you choose to purchase the full version, it does require a USB port to connect to a scanner.  A minimum of 2 GB of RAM is advised by Fujifilm, and Pressure Metrics recommends more when possible.


We are happy to answer your questions about the software’s capabilities, installation, and use. Please call us at 1-866-963-2392 if you need any assistance. We look forward to helping you Picture The Pressure® Precisely.

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