Picture The Pressure® In Lamination Processes

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Fujifilm Prescale lets you Picture the Pressure® in your lamination operation. We can help you select, use, and analyze results from our lamination tests.

The process for laminating backgrind tape (protective film) precedes grinding. If the lamination roller pressure distribution is not uniform, the tape can become wrinkled. If the height of the wafer and the surrounding mounting table are not optimal, wafer cracking and poor backgrind tape lamination occurs. Previously, only trial and error adjustment methods had been available to prevent this, but we can use the pressure film to more accurately troubleshoot this.

Using Prescale, it is possible to verify the amount of pressure applied to the silicon wafer by the lamination roller under actual usage conditions. Only Prescale can show the pressure distribution under such conditions. Furthermore, the ability to periodically check the uniformity of pressure results in adjustment time and material loss savings.

Prescale is quick and easy to use. Simply place the pressure indicating film between two mating or contacting surfaces and apply pressure as normally required. The film instantly changes color. The variation in the red color density can be compared with a color chart to determine the pressure. In addition, the color will give an immediate footprint of the area. Any imperfections or variations along the contact area can be spotted with a quick check. There are eight ranges from 1 psi to 43,200 psi, and digital analysis is also available.

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