Types of Pressure Measurement Films

Pressure Measurement Film

  • Pressure Measurement Film Prescale

    This is the film that can measure pressure.
    Pressure and pressure distribution, which could not be visually observed in the past, can now be easily confirmed.

    allows you to easily measure pressure distribution and range. Created using Fujifilm's advanced thin film coating technologies, the pressure
    inspection sensor on the entirety of the film allows you to confirm pressure distribution of the entire surface at a glance. The color appears red where pressure is applied, and the color density varies according to the amount of pressure. To cover a wide pressure range
    (0.006 to 300 MPa), we supply nine types of Prescale.

  • Pressure Measurement Film Presheet

    Prescale Sheets make pressure measurement more readily accessible.

    Sheets are a version of Prescale that are pre-cut into easy-to-use sizes. It is recommended for first-time users and for small-scale applications. To cover a wide pressure range (0.2 to 300 MPa), we supply six types of Prescale Sheets.